Siamese Lakes Loop

by D.O.

Perhaps the most appropriate way to start this post would be to address how I’ve spent my last year, as it’s been nearly that long since the previous update. That post may come someday, but for now: how I spent my last week. Baby steps, right?

Early Monday morning I loaded up a car with things necessary to spend an entire week backpacking and playing disc golf. Three of my closest friends on Earth did the same, and after we acquired both McDonald’s sausage biscuits and the appropriate topo maps, we headed east for the Lolo National Forest in Montana. It was the first ever Inland Church staff retreat, and it was indeed refreshing.

We spent the first three days on the trail, and just under 50 hours after we set out from the trailhead we’d completed the 25-mile loop named after the hike’s most striking feature: the Siamese Lakes. Hidden away some 30 miles from the nearest hint of civilization, this trail on the Montana/Idaho border housed some of the most beautiful exhibits of nature I’d ever seen.

Equipped with a disposable camera from Spokane’s downtown Rite-Aid, I attempted to capture some of the beauty. Photos were developed at an area Walgreens, and scanned on a cheapo Epson all-in-one number.