by D.O.

A month ago today I was kicked out of my own house on my birthday.

It was 3:30 am, and my roommate was in labor. She’d planned all along to have a home birth, so while we knew the baby was coming soon, none of us expected it to be in the middle of the night.

Two hours later I was asleep at my friend’s house, and my roommate Mack was holding her daughter, Libby Katherine Ivey.

I’ve since moved back in and acquired a new best friend in Libby. We do share a birthday, after all.

A couple weeks after Libby’s arrival, Mack asked if I would take some newborn portraits. Thanksgiving morning was the time we’d set for the session, which was also the morning I realized my highly-neglected-as-of-late DSLR had a completely dead battery.

Fortunately, I had in my Papa’s old camera bag a single roll of film that I promptly loaded into his Minolta X-700. We were set to do the portraits the only way humanity knew how to do portraits until very recently: with film.

I’ve since replaced my DSLR’s battery and taken plenty of digital photos, but the ones below are some of my favorites from the Minolta. It was quite special taking photographs of a baby with the camera my Papa bought to take photos of me as a child.

Masses, I’m proud to introduce you to my new best friend, Libby.