Dear Future Wife

by D.O.

Chances are if you’re looking at this, you came from my email signature or from a very old post of mine on social media. In recent years I’ve done a pathetic job of producing new content for the once-award-winning online diary for the masses. But at the time of my writing this post, I’ve been pouring my creative juices out elsewhere on the Internet, and you can look at it, if you’d like.

What started as a facebook status inspired by an expensive trip to the dentist office has now turned into a blog full of letters (notes, really) to my future wife (if she exists), and each are accompanied by a piece of artwork done by various friends of mine. I’m fairly proud of the project, and I figure if ever I have a chance at Internet fame and/or getting on the Ellen show, this project is my ticket. Below is a preview of what the project has to offer, but for the full experience, please visit, follow, and share